Why Massage Is Not Resolving Your Pain

Neck Pain

Neck and Shoulder pain

You have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for a new of weeks and its not resolving.
How many times have you gone to a physiotherapist or massage therapist because you feel knots in your shoulder? You go in, hopefully excited to be rid of that pain that has been nagging at your for a few weeks or months. It has not been bad enough to get treatment but not good enough to not be noticeable.

The therapist grinds at your shoulder for 30 mins and you feel relief for an hour or two or maybe a day or two and pain returns.

Sound familiar?

This is because the therapists are missing a vital component to resolve your pain.

You need to strengthen those shoulders and upper traps.

The reason your shoulders feel all knotted is because they are weak. Think of people who have back pain and get muscle spasms? This spams occurs as the body is trying to protect the joint from injury. It think it is in danger therefore it increases the tension in your muscles.

When you spend long hours at a desk or computer or long days driving those muscles get tired from being in the same position, they become over worked and tighten up. Releasing these muscles with massage will help short term, but the long term solution is to strengthen those muscles.

Ultimately your end goal is to reduce your pain and keep it away

Here are 3 easy exercises to help get pain relief from shoulder and neck pain

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