Class Timetable.

Exercises Class Descriptions

To book a Class please contact us at the clinic on 01-6855181 or email [email protected]

Female Strength

This female only small group training class is designed for those who wish to strengthen in a moderate intensity class environment. These classes will use free weights under the watchful eyes of our physiotherapists. Each week the class will differ. Working on strength endurance to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Intensity Level 6-7/10

Age 30 -55


Male Strengthening Class

Only males are allowed. We designed this class to help dads become more active and maintain their strength as they age. With a mix of weight training and strength endurance our therapist will teach you correct form and help you learn the “how to” behind lifting weight safely while improving your health, fitness, strength and mobility. Each class is designed to help you progress each week learning new techniques and exposing you to a variety of movements.

Intensity 6-8/10

Age 30+



We offer a 50 minute mat-based class following the traditional Pilates method. Focusing on using breath to move our bodies through a range of exercises that not only focus on the abdominals but the whole body. These classes will leave you feeling strong and energized. Movements can be adapted to be made easier or more challenging depending on the participants level. Small equipment (balls & bands) are sometimes used to add a different focus to the class.Suitable for Beginner and Improvers.

Intensity 5-6/10

Age - all ages

Pilates Power

A faster paced pilates class, going through all the classic moves but with more reps, and using small weights and bands for a strong lunchtime workout! This is a shorter 40 minute lunchtime class so you can fit it in around work, but we turn up the intensity to make the most of your time! Not suitable for Beginners!

Intensity 7/10

Age - all ages


Better Bones

Them bones, them bones need….. weights! This light resistance training class is designed to help protect your body from osteoporosis and also prevent it from getting worse. Our therapists will take you through a light exercise class that research has shown to improve bone strength and prevent osteoporosis progression.

Intensity 5/10

Age 50+


Stretch, Strength & Mobility

Working from home and getting stiff from your desk?  Driving a lot?  Busy lifestyle and unable to find time to stretch? We can help keep you more mobile and combat the hours spent sitting, with this low intensity but high reward class. Focus is on upper back, shoulder, neck & hip mobility and strength. We will also stretch to help loosen up your joints, muscles and tendon leaving you feeling lighter on your feet!

Intensity 6/10

Age- all