Neck Pain and Stiffness

Reduced Pain. Reduced Stiffness. Feel Loose again.

Neck Pain and Stiffness.

Reduce Stiffness in Your Neck

Have you got a creek in your neck? Is it worrying you?
Is your neck pain causing you headaches?

ReSync Physiotherapy can help resolve neck and shoulder pain that makes you uncomfortable.

How Physiotherapy can help.

Our therapist has undergone extensive training in cervical spine assessment and treatments. As a result, we can assess and identify areas of dysfunction and recommend a treatment plan to help your neck pain reduce improve your neck and shoulder mobility. Through specific myofascial release techniques and carefully guided exercises, our team of therapists will be able to provide you with relief from your neck pain in your first session.

  • Our expert therapists are on hand to help you
  • Understand what is causing your neck pain
  • Release your tired and achy muscles
  • Strengthen your neck and shoulders
  • Give guidance on exercises to prevent pain returning
Neck Pain Physio

What we can do in our clinic.

We have a range of services and treatment options available to resolve your neck pain. Our therapists are certified in Joint manipulation (cracking), Massage, Dry Needling, Acupuncture, Neuromuscular electrical Stimulation and strength and conditioning.

But why do I need to strengthen?

Over time if you are not actively lifting items over your head, this can lead to weakness around the muscles of the neck and shoulders? Lifting overhead is so essential because it recruits the stabilizing muscles around your neck and shoulder to help your neck move more freely. If the muscles are stretched and lengthened from, let's say, working at a desk, they cannot provide the support your neck needs to turn and look around.

Neck-Pain Physio
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Request an initial consult today to keep moving.

What to expect:
45 min Consult with Experienced Therapist
Clear explanation why you are in pain
Hands on Treatment
Initial Strengthening program Prescribed
Exercises demonstrated on video and sent to your phone
On going support and access to your physio via Whatsapp