Better Bones

Physiotherapy-led low-intensity strength & conditioning classes designed for 50+

Small Group Training Class.

Our classes are limited to 8 people per 60 min class, so you get the full attention of our therapist

Low to Moderate Intensity.

With an in-depth knowledge of how muscle physiology changes as you age, we can target these areas more efficiently than other gyms.

Challenge your body.

Get the most out of your body and improve how it functions on a daily basis.


Move more freely and keep active with our once weekly strength classes

Maintain muscle mass

Better balance and coordination

Reduces risk of a fall

Improved Mobility

Increase energy

Better sleep


People who:

Are 50 years of age or more

Want to retain or improve their strength

Want to reduced aches and stiffness

Want to recover from surgery

Want to improve their balance and co ordination

Want to train with people their own ability

Maintain Muscle Mass

  • Did you know you lose between 5-10% of your muscle mass every decade from the age of 30. 
  • Males can lose up to 30% of there muscle mass due to inactivity as you age.
  • This can increase the risk of falls
  • Make it harder to recover from illness
  • Contribute to loss of mobility and independence as you age
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Are you interested in strength training but you

  • Don’t know what you are doing in the gym
  • Don’t want to go to mainstream gym
  • Worry if you will injure yourself if you go/return to the gym
  • Want a structure training program from a rehabilitation expert
  • Would feel more comfortable with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer
  • Want a training program that will suit my body type and ability.
Physiotherapy Services Dublin
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Having 6 weeks of Physio was great with ReSync, who got me from nearly cancelling a hiking trip in the Pyrenees to getting on the place for a memorable holiday break. Many thanks to Connor & Co.

Neil Hillis

Took a fall on rocks on the mountain bike about 6 weeks out from a 7-day mountain bike stage race. My Knee continued to get worse, and the rest didn't seem to get. I got in touch with Conor at ReSync. He identified the issue quickly, targeting strength and mobility exercises and critical rehab techniques such as dry needling.

Ryan Clatworthy

As a runner, I have had my fair share of trips to the Physio and often wondered if the issue would have healed itself if I just left it. Well, all that has changed since meeting with Conor at ReSync. The problems with my left leg resulted from overcompensation on my right after an earlier injury.

Tadgh Sullivan

The strength classes at Resync are simply great – I couldn’t recommend them enough!

I like that each session is meticulously planned to address specific areas at the right intensity and run by experienced physios and strength & conditioning coaches.

Diarmuid, Lee, and Sean who run the female strength classes are excellent, challenging & pushing everyone towards their individual goals – no matter what age, fitness level or past injuries. Some days the intensity is 6-7/10, some days you are pushed to 10 🙂 As classes are small, everyone gets the attention & guidance needed.

I also attended Pilates which nicely complements the strength classes. It's convenient that once signed up for membership, any class from the timetable can be booked, rescheduled, or cancelled via a self-managed mobile app.

Andrea Farber

Great female strength classes. Love that the classes are small. Classes are varied each time which keeps it interesting. Would highly recommend to ladies of all fitness levels.

Murina Walsh

Your Trainer.

Conor Tierney

  • Rehabilitation Specialist/Athletic Therapist
  • BSc Sport Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy
  • MSc Sports and Exercises Medicine
  • CSCS Strength and Conditioning
  • Specialist Lower Limb Injury & Biomechanics

Conor  joined our team in 2019 and is not an integral part of the ReSync Physiotherapy Team. He comes from an excellent background with extensive academic qualifications and exceptional work experience in private practice and professional sports settings. Conor shares the ReSync Physiotherapy ethos. He looks at the body as one system, finding the cause of your pain and can guide you through a tailored rehab program to reduce your pain and get back to the things you love doing.
He is a qualified Athletic Therapist (ARTI), has a MSc in Sports Medicine and is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach

He has extensive experience working with elite and amateur athletes in the U.K, Ireland and U.S and has also worked at Sheffield United F.C as an Academy Rehabilitation Specialist.

As the lead trainer in the Better Bones class his coaching style ensure the correct posture and execution of each movement, to ensure his clients get the most out of his class.

Try a Taster Class

Our facility can cater for your needs if you do not want to go to a gym.  Our Senior therapists are educated to Master's Level in Rehabilitation 
Over 3,800 Patients Treated
30,000 Rehab appointments completed
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Each class is 50-60 mins long and consist of a warm up, mobility section and strengthening section

Yes we can make each exercise easier or harder depending on your experience and ability

Class is limited to 6-8 people per class

Out of 10 ( 10 being the very hard exercises) the class intensity is reaches a peak of 4-6/10

No – not unless you want to. This will be at the discretion of your physiotherapist.

Our staff have minimum 2 years’ experience as physiotherapist/ Athletic Therapy and are certified strength and conditioning coaches. The better bones program has been designed by our Clinical Director Diarmuid Hegarty

Clinic is located at Unit 16 Belarmine, Plaza, Stepaside, Dublin 18
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Yes there is a large free car parkright outside the clinic door