Achilles Tendon

Achilles Tendon Clinic

Experienced therapist that have 10 years + treating Achilles tendon pain.

At ReSync we pride on getting the best results with our patients and over the years we have developed specific rehab programs for tendons so people can get back to exercises and stay out of pain.

If you are somebody that:

  • Recurring pain in the morning.
  • Sore at beginning and after exercise.
  • Has been seen by physio(s) but are still sore.
  • Had injections and ultrasound which did not work.
  • Rested your Achilles for weeks but its still sore.
  • Has been doing calf raises and “Eccentrics” everyday but still can´t walk or run.

Overview/cause of problem

  • Misdiagnosis: surprisingly very common.
  • Incorrect strengthening program- Weighted exercises too light
  • Achilles tendon rehab was not fully explained to you.
  • Increased distance walking/running too quickly.
  • Did not under go plyometric training to regain tendons elastic ability in order to act like a spring.

Overview of treatment

  • Full body assessment to identify the cause of your Achilles tendon pain.
  • Specialist therapies such as shockwave to boost your bodies capacity to heal faster.
  • Experienced therapist that have 10 years + treating Achilles tendon pain.
  • Fully equipmed gym to strengthen your tendon the right way.
  • All our physios have formal qualifications in strength and conditioning.
  • Specific strengthening programs to help your tendon regenerate.
  • Unlimited treatment programs to reduce your cost of treatment and guarantee success.
Achilles Tendon

Our 6 step process.

We step back and take a look at your entire body and how other parts may not be functioning well causing your Achilles to become painful.
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True cause of the injury

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Pain & sensitivity in the tendon

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Progressively increase tendon strength in our in house gym

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Address other areas of weakness that may be contributing to your issue.

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The tendon ability to act like a spring

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Your walk/run gait to stop the tendon flaring back up again.

When you leave you will know the following.

  • Why your Achilles pain has not resolved
  • Where you are in terms of being pain free/ getting back to sport
  • What commitment is needed to get you pain free and back to sport
  • Reassurance that you choose the right clinic to guide you past this stubborn injury
Achilles Tendon
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Download our free ebook of advice and exercises for Achilles Tendon pain.

Pain and stiffness at the back of the heel in the morning
The pain gradually reduces as you walk/run
Tenderness when you pinch the tendon or at the back of the heel

Request an initial consult today to keep moving.

What to expect:
45 min Consult with Experienced Therapist
Clear explanation why you are in pain
Hands on Treatment
Initial Strengthening program Prescribed
Exercises demonstrated on video and sent to your phone
On going support and access to your physio via Whatsapp