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Hip pain has a number of causes but there is overwhelming evidence to suggest the primary cause of hip pain is down to 1. Posture 2. Hours spent sitting 3. Mobility and strength.

While your hip pain may be a symptom our team of experienced physiotherapists search for the cause of your pain, which if treated correctly will relieve your symptoms and get your moving more freely without that ache stiffness or pinch.

Causes of hip pain.

9 out of 10 times, hip pain will be caused by a global weakness in the muscles around the hip joint. Our society spends more time sitting down than on their feet. This leads to a reduction in strength in large muscle groups ( glutes quads). Some people may still have Pain even though they go to the gym, but unfortunately, these people end up doing the:

  • Right exercises the wrong way
  • Too much of one movement (squats)
  • Wrong exercises for their body type
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Treatment options for hip pain.

In early 2000, there was an explosion of hip surgeries to resolve hip Pain. However, recent advances in rehabilitation strategies and the recognition of strength training as the primary treatment to resolve hip Pain drastically reduced the number of hip surgeries.

The best method to reduce your hip pain is through manual therapy, mobility exercises and strengthening exercises.

Improving strength in your lower back, hip, and legs will help reduce your pain and protect your hip joints as you age.

Having a structured exercise program that suits your body type and lifestyle is key to maintaining healthy and happy hips.

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