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We listen to what you want to achieve with physiotherapy and set the steps in motion to achieve those goals.

Diarmuid is our Clinical Director here at Resync Physio and has worked in many physiotherapy clinics worldwide. Being exposed to various treatment settings helped him develop a unique treatment style that blended the science of Physiotherapy with Sports Science. This results in the 5 step approach that we see below.

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The wide lens.

Over the course of your life, you may experience many different injuries. Older injuries that have not been rehabilitated correctly can cause you to compensate. This results in an overreliance on some muscles. Sometimes, these old injuries can contribute to a more recent pain or injury if we overdo walking, hiking, running, or sports. Understanding what your body has been through is key to unlocking the treatment pathway you need to resolve all your ages and pains.

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Peel back the layers.

The hip bone is connected to the knee bone; the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone.
This is all very true, but it is only now, with modern science and technology, that we can identify the layers of dysfunction that can occur. For example, if you hurt your back, you may brace or hold your breath to tense and protect your back. However, suppose you continuously hold your breath. In that case, you are in a continuous state of protection that may last long after the damaged tissues or structures have healed. Understanding this connection and targeting breathing and moving with specific cues can drastically improve mobility and exercise tolerance.

Restore your mobility.

Once we know where you have been, we now need to know where we are going? Mobility is simply the ability to move a joint through range using your muscles. When you are in pain or injured, these muscles can spasm. We aim to reduce these spams and restore confidence in your body to accept load (take the weight). This improves your confidence in your body's ability to recover from your injury.

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Rebuild your strength

Once your mobility and confidence are restored, we need to get down to work and build up some resilience in your body tolerance to exercises. Getting stronger is crucial to improving health, fitness, and maintaining your mobility as you age. People may think lifting weights is easy and repetitive, but we like to focus on the feeling of the movement. The slight change in foot pressure can activate a whole range of muscles that may have been lying dormant since that injury you sustained a week, months or even years ago. We can combine these exercises to expose you to movements you may have been fearful of or avoided in the past. These all tie in with your goals of what you want to achieve with physiotherapy

Resync your body

Finally, as you regain confidence in your body we want to help you feel like your body is not strong enough to get back doing the activities you have been missing out on. Retraining movement patterns such as walking cycling running hiking or even just gardening. We break down these movements and help you improve your bodies endurance.

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