Athlete Rehab

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Athlete Rehab

Rest is not Rehab. We do not stop you training during the recovery period.

Redefining Athletic Rehab

ReSync Physiotherapy helps athletes overcome acute and persistent injuries through a protocol that combines Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning.

These 3 aspects of rehabilitation are used in every professional sports team in the world and now those protocols and testing equipment’s is available in our Dublin Sports Physiotherapy Centre.

We use our knowledge of the human body and force plate technology to bring you through a comprehensive rehabilitation program targeting not only your injury but identifying other areas of weakness. This service allows you to focus on recovery by giving you the data and numbers that you are improving and one step closer to be back to sport.

Sports Physiotherapy.

Accurate diagnosis of injury and grade of injury, provides you with a timeframe for recovery. Management of your injury is directed toward three key goals

1.) Return to activity

2.) Return to sport

3.) Return to performance.

Sports Science

Use of Force Plate technology allows use to make educated decisions on your rehabilitation. These information guides our exercises protocol by improving your capacity to accelerate and decelerate with reduced injury risk

Strength and Conditioning.

Our 2400sqft facility is a purpose built and fully equipped rehabilitation unit designed with the athlete in mind. Each one of our therapists are qualified S&C coaches who are on hand to interpret your performance metrics and guide you through the rehab process.

We create an optimal enviroment for recovery, allowing your body to recover faster and minmise down time

Over 25 years of experience helping athletes recover from acute and persistent injuries. Forging relationships with surgeons and sports medicine doctors. Adapting protocols to create a comprehensive recovery process for all of our clients.

Our Process


In depth assessment of your injury. Accurate diagnosis of your injury and injury grade. Explanation of recovery process, recovery timframe and stages of recovery. Your physio is highly educated and skilled at identifiing compensations as a result of older injuries


Mobility and Strength issues that may have contributed to your injury or hampering your performance. In depth strength assessment on Force Plates to identify deficits in your Max strength, explosive power and and assymetries between limbs.


Comprehensive Rehab program guided by knowledge experience and scientific data from our performance testing protocols. Access to our rehab facility to ensure you are hitting your recovery targets. Access to your physio via whatsapp and your rehab program through True Coach training platform


In order to provide the complete recovery program our team will educate you on how to get the most out of your body. We will cover injury risk profiling, sleep, nutrition, hydration, match day routines, mobility routines and provide you with on going supports and educational content throughout your rehab process.

Athlete Rehab Process Dublin

We Treat

Low Back Pain
Disc Buldges
Spinal Surgery Rehab
Core Stability
Spinal Degeneration Management

Athletic Hip Pain
Gilmore's Groin
Groin Strains
Hip Impingement
Hip Flexor Strain
Quad Straings
Deep Hip pain

Quad Strain
Hamstring Tears
Recurrent Hamstring Tears
Hamstring Tendon Pain
ITB Pain

Patella Tendonitis
Meniscal Tears
Ligament strains
ACL Rehab
PCL Rehab
Runners Knee Pain
ITB Friction
Post Surgery Rehab

Shin Splints
Calf Strains
Achilles tendonitis
Heel pain
Calcaneal Bursitis
Post fracture Rehab

Ankle Ligament Sprain
High Ankle Sprain
Fallen Arches
Achilles tendon
Plantar Fascia
Foot Tendon Pain

Shoulder Dislocation
Rotator Cuff tears
AC Joint Sprain
Collar Bone Fractures
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow
Wrist Fractures
Thumb Sprains

Development of Aerobic Power
Aerobic Conditioning

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