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Hip & Groin Pain

"Hip and groin pain is very common in our society today due to the sedentary nature of our working lives. "

Common signs of hip and groin injury:

  • Deep hip pain in front, side or back of hip
  • Catching pain sitting or squatting
  • Ache when lying in bed or during at night
  • Stiffness in the hip joint after sitting for long periods
  • Pain walking running or changing direction
  • Pain going up or down stairs

Overview/Cause of Problem.

  • Hip and groin pain is very common in our society today due to the sedentary nature of our working lives. The main cause of hip pain is not actually the hip itself but more the way we are using our hip on a day to day basis.
  • Signs of Hip Pain: Deep ache in front, side or back of hip, referred pain down but not past your knee and pain twisting and turning.
  • Signs of Groin Pain: you may notice sharp pains on the inside of the groin when twisting and turning, such as when getting out of a car or changing direction whilst running.
  • While your symptoms may be coming from a structure in your hip or groin the true cause of your pain will be coming from the way you move which can be influenced by tight/ weak muscles from sitting.

The hip and groin are a very complex areas of the body with many structures that can be causing pain. This means a very through examination is required to:

  • Find out what structure is causing your pain.
  • Establish what muscles are not working correctly to cause that structure to become over loaded.
  • Programming the correct combination of exercises to strengthen that hip and allow you to move efficiently in many different directions without re injuring that hip.
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Overview of Treatment.

  • Our specialist clinic offer in depth assessment and analysis of your injury.
  • Detailed history of the injury and previous injury.
  • Advance assessment of hip structures testing strength, mobility, flexibility and muscle endurance.
  • Biomechanical assessment of your movements walking running, change of direction and lateral movements.

From this assessment we can design a program to:

  • Reduced your pain
  • Strengthen your hip/groin
  • Improve your walking and running technique
  • Return you to an active pain free life
  • Full rehab process of hip and groin pain depending on the activity of the person can take 6- 12 weeks to resume full pain free activity consistently.
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