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Knee Pain

Strengthen Your Knees to Keep Them Healthy

There are many different knee injuries and conditioning that physiotherapy can help you overcome. Many of these injuries can stem from Ligament , Tendons, Meniscus ( Cartilage) to muscular strain and weaknesses and sporting injuries.

Our physiotherapist understands the stress and strain our knees take on a daily basis, therefore have an in depth knowledge of what is required to reduce your pain and prevent it from returning.

Other degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis chondromalacia are very common and while we are not able to cure these, we are on hand to help your manage and prolong the life of your knees as you age.

What causes knee pain.

While your knee is only two bones sitting on top of each other it is surrounded by a complex web of ligaments and tendons to keep it stable. Your Hip and ankle further contribute to its stability by providing a strong stable base to walk, run and hike.
Weakness around your knee, ankle and hip can alter your biomechanics as those muscles fatigue during sports or daily life. Most of the injuries we see are down to a fall, landing awkwardly, or by over using your knee either on one day or over consecutive days or weeks.

Knee Rehab

Treatment of knee pain.

Despite the complex biomechanical issues that arise from a knee injury our team has the knowledge, the space and the facility to help you reduce your knee pain and get you back to activity. Most treamte will revolve around rebalancing the strength around your knee hip and ankle, and then conditioning those muscles to prevent your pain returning.

Conditions we treat:

  • Ligament strains
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Meniscal pain
  • Running Injuries
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Patella Alta (High Knee Cap)
  • PatelloFemoral pain
  • Pain on inside of knee
  • Knee Rehab Dublin

    What to expect.

    An in depth assessment of your current injury and any previous injuries will help us understand what your body and knee has been through. A biomechanical assessment which shows us what your body is going through. Finally through manual therapy and strength training we can show you what your body is able to do

    Symptoms of knee pain

    • Stiffness in front of knee after sitting
    • Achieng in knee going up or downstairs
    • Sharp pain in the knee when turning
    • Knee feels Unstable or about to give way
    • Progressive pain in knee running
    • Knee feels hot after exercise
    • Creaking noises in the knee when I kneel down
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