Groin Pain In GAA Players

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Groin Pain Screening

Groin pain is one of the most stubborn injuries that we see as physiotherapists. For years, scientific evidence and functional movement trainers have told us that functional movement screening is a great way to predict injury in athletes, but unfortunately latest evidence has shown this to be untrue.
A recent study conducted by an Irish Physiotherapist, Dr Eamon Delahunt, showed that by using a simple questionnaire called the Copenhagen Hip and Groin Outcome Score (HAGOS) and testing adduction squeeze strength we can predict the likely hood of a groin injury occurring during the season.

These players were followed for the next nine months and injuries were recorded.

Results showed a large difference in adductor strength in preseason testing. These differences predicted the likely hood of that player sustaining a groin injury during the season.

An adductor squeeze test value below 225mg coupled with a score below 87.50 in the HAGOS was shown to be an accurate predictor of groin injury in Gaelic players.

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What we should take from this is that there is now an accurate way to measure and predict groin injury in players when being tested in preseason.

We conduct both tests on site here at ReSync Physiotherapy.

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