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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a form of manual therapy treatment which involves the insertions of tiny sterile needles into a taut band of muscles fibres know as Myofascial Trigger points. This helps to reduce the muscle tone, tension and sensitivity.

How are Trigger points formed?

Trigger points are thought to form in the muscle when that muscle has become overloaded or overworked. Essentially the bands of muscle fibres become “knotted” and painful. These “knotted Tissues” can refer pain into different areas as shown in the photograph below:

As you can see trigger points in the Hip musculature can refer pain down the leg and mimic the referral pain pathway of the Sciatic Nerve.

This is why a lot of people come in with pain in their leg and automatically assume that it is a Sciatic type pain when 90% of the time is it much simpler than that.

So, here is the nerdy part – muscles are made up of millions of fibres and bands of muscle fibres. Each one of these fibres contains what we call Sarcomeres, imagine them as tiny muscles within a muscle. They are the engine of the muscles. They contract and relax but sometimes when they get overworked they seize up and stay in a contracted state, this refers to pain into different regions – as explained previously.

How does Dry Needling help

These tiny needles inserted into the muscle fibres break up the knotted tissue and cause a cascade of physiological responses which reduce pain and restore the muscle back to it’s normally functioning state.

Does Dry Needling hurt?

There is a little pinch when the needle is inserted followed by a twitch in the muscle. Sometimes there is a little pain after the treatment but this resolves within 16 hours.

Remember the needles are so small that you will barely notice them.

The needles used to draw blood average on 0.01inches wide, Acupuncture needles are 0.001inch wide.

That’s 10 times smaller.

All of our staff are certified in a method of Dry Needling and have all the proper qualification to complete your treatment and get you out of pain.

Common conditions we use dry needling includes:

  • Back Pain in athletes and patients who have sedentary jobs
  • Shoulder pain in office workers
  • Neck Pain for office workers
  • Posture Tension Pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Calf tightness in runners
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