5 Recovery Tips when Exercising in the Hot

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5 Recovery Tips when Exercising in Hot Weather

Recovery Tip 1.

Keep core body temp low. This means, do not have hot food before training. e.g. coffee. If your core temp is raised before you train your body will find it harder to cool it down and will go into heat exhaustion quicker. Drink cold slushy drinks before training and have a cold shower.

Recvoery Tip 2.

Drink plenty of fluids. Water and sugary drinks will help. Most peoples’ appetite will be suppressed in the heat so getting energy for a match/training is essential. Do not do this long term as it’s not ideal but for hot weather spells it is essential to keep energy up. Avoid coffee it dehydrates you.

Recovery Tip 3.

Don’t be stupid and wear sunscreen. Factor 30 or 50 if your working outside. If you burn then your body is going to have to work harder to combat the burn, thus burning more energy.

Recovery Tip 4.

Avoid midday sun. This is when it is hottest so we all might be more tired than usual lately due to the heat. If you have a match later, stay out of the sun and have more energy than your opponent.

Recovery Tip 5.

Recovery. Get food and fluid in post work out-this is even more important if your not used to hot weather. Try having a mr freeze to help cool down and get some carbs into your system. Take a cold shower. Or better yet have ice and water on side of the pitch to cool down during breaks in the game.

Stay safe folks…sun is not to be messed with especially in hot weather

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