1. Strengthening Glutes
Best exercises for this will include hip dominant exercises. These would include all variations of the deadlift – but avoid knee focused exercises as they will irritate your knee.

2. Strengthen hip flexors
The best exercise for this is lying on your back, with exercise loops on your feet. Bring your knee to your chest and keep your knees at 90 Degrees – as shown in the photo. Sets of 12 on each leg, repeat 4 sets.

3. Practice Single leg landing from step/hop

Stand on a step on one leg. Hop down and land on the same leg. Control the landing and do not let your leg drift inwards. You can also practice this during single hop forward all on the same leg, concentrate on landing. Practices rounds of 8 reps x 5 sets (40 landings)

4. Side Plank
Lying on side either with legs straight or knees bent. Elbow on the floor. Hip hips up in the air. Try not to bend forward. Push hips forward as much as you can. Brace core do not overarch your lower back, Hold 25 sec, rest 10 repeat 5 times each side. Increase the hold time as much as you can. You will notice a weakness on the injured side

5. Reverse Lunge
This exercise helps to avoid overloading the knee. The key is to step backwards and drop knee to floor. Step back far enough so that your side is vertical and not at an angle. Notice the straight line from the knee to hip to shoulder on the leg behind.
Repeat with a dumbbell in each hand for 10 reps, 4 sets on each leg.