5 Ankle Injury Tips

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5 Ankle Injury Tips

At some point in life, everyone will experience an ankle injury, or “roll” their ankle.

It is the most commonly injured joint in the sporting world and is also very common among non-sporting populations.

If you are suffering from an ankle injury, we have the following tips for you:

  1. Ice the injury as soon as possible. Ice the ankle in a sandwich bag with water, 10 mins every hour for the rest of your day and the following morning. Putting frozen peas in a towel won’t allow the cold to come through as much as ice and water.
  2. Wear support of tight socks to give support and compression
  3. Do not wear flat shoes. The shoes may irritate the surrounding structures, as the foot is currently vulnerable in its weakened state.
  4. Make sure you rest the injury. If it’s sore, which it will be, then don’t expect to walk for long distances without taking a rest. As long as the ankle gets a rest it will be ok, but pushing through the pain is asking for trouble either then or later.
  5. Do calf raises and work on your balance, as well as practicing your jumping and landing. You always hear of people saying they have weak ankles. Most of the time that is because they have not strengthened the ankle after the injury.

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