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Specialist Womens Health Treatment.

At resync we understand that every patient is different, and take a tailored approach to health and fitness, developing custom treatment programs to suit each specific need. We also recognize that women face unique challenges of their own, and have developed a range of services dedicated to meeting those challenges in an effective, sustainable way.

Did you know that as many as a third of all women suffer problems with their pelvic floor muscles at some point in their lives? The most common issues include leaking with activity, sneezing or coughing (stress urinary incontinence) and pelvic organ prolapse (a feeling of something coming down in the vagina).

With all bladder, bowel and sexual functions requiring strong, healthy pelvic floor muscles, dealing with such problems are essential. For pregnant women, strong pelvic floor muscles can also reduce the risk of postnatal stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Women can also suffer with core and diaphragm issues at any stage in their lives too, along with a variety of musculoskeletal pains women may experience before and after giving birth. Each of these problems are unique to women, and require a focused, understanding range of specific treatments to help any woman manage their health throughout life.

Shoulder Pain

Our women’s health services

To help women overcome these issues, we have developed a number of treatment options and services designed to help with both prevention and rehabilitation of female specific issues.

These include:

  • Mummy MOT assessment
  • Pregnancy rehabilitation
  • Treatment for pregnancy related issues
  • Bladder retraining
  • Pelvic Floor strengthening
  • Core strengthening
  • Education and body empowerment
  • Return to exercise post pregnancy

Each service is tailored for the individual, with programs able to combine several services to help clients achieve their health goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that guidance and motivation can often be as important as the treatment itself, and are proud to offer holistic solutions that provide the support and confidence you need to achieve any goal.

Physiotherapy Services Dublin

Post Natal Assessments

One of the most important times for any woman’s health and wellbeing is in the months after giving birth. We offer a complete post natal assessment that will help identify any issues and develop a custom exercise program to get you back on your feet, active and mobile.

The assessment includes everything to help you overcome any issue, and will provide:

  • 1 Hour Assessment with Specialist Post Natal Physiotherapist
  • In Depth Pelvic Muscle Assessment
  • Tummy Muscle Gap Assessment
  • Assessment or other physical issues as a result of childbirth
  • Tailor exercises program to get you back on your feet
Pregnency eBook

Download our free ebook of advice and exercises for Pre & Post Pregnancy

1. Set Realistic Expectations
2. Listen To Your Body
3. Postural Awareness
4. Strengthen Pelvic Floor & Core
5. Manage Pain

Talk to Resync today to discuss your needs

If you wish to book a post-natal assessment, or if you would like to discuss our women’s health programs of any kind, you can get in touch today to talk to our friendly team. We understand that everyone is different, so call today and talk to one of our trained Physios to see if our clinic is the right fit for you, we’ll make sure that you get the right advice whether you work with us or not.

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