Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates Classes

Our classes are held at our private physiotherapy clinic overlooking the Dublin mountains.

At Resync, we offer small group classes offering superb Pilates instruction from an experienced SCOTT Pilates specialist with no more than 8 people involved. This allows for a more personalized approach and gives the instructor the time to provide the support and guidance every attendee needs.

Pilates classes are great for helping with mobility, maintaining an active life at all ages, and as a preventative approach for avoiding soft tissue strains and other problems. In many cases, Pilates Classes can even be claimed through your health insurance provider, making them a very cost-effective measure for your ongoing health.

All Resync classes are held in our purpose designed in our private physiotherapy clinic overlooking the Dublin mountains, with parking outside for complete convenience.

Pilates Physiotherapy Classes Stepaside - ReSync Dublin

What do Pilates Classes do for you?

Pilates offers a low impact fitness program that will strengthen your whole body. During a Pilates class, every muscle of your body will be evenly worked and conditioned, with no muscle every being over or under-trained.

The result is a stronger body and increased stamina and flexibility, helping you to enjoy your daily activities, sports or any other aspect of life without pain or problem, while it will help you improve performance too. With a strengthened body, you are also much less likely to suffer injury during exercise or sport, and Pilates can be extremely useful for anyone who has been rehabilitating an injury, as it can help in preventing a recurrence of the problem.

With all these benefits, it should be no surprise that many professional sports teams make extensive use of Pilates today.

Pilates Physiotherapy Classes Stepaside - ReSync Dublin

A workout for the body – and mind

But Pilates is more than just physical benefits, although they are important and can help you enjoy your sport more and boost performance, but it also helps focus the mind too. Pilates is all about flowing movement, breath and body control. It teaches you about your own body, how breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment contribute to efficient movement, and gives you clarity on control through smooth, slow movements.

Its great for the core as well, and encourages the development of long, lean and slender muscles, unlike traditional workouts that tend to encourage bulkier musculature. With Pilates, strength doesn’t come at the expense of mobility, in fact you will find that improved muscle elasticity and joint mobility make you more mobile, even as you get stronger, and all this means you are less likely to be injured in sports or any other activity you choose.

Pilates Physiotherapy Classes Stepaside - ReSync Dublin

Learn Efficiency

With a focus on smooth, continuous movements, you will find yourself learning new ways to use your body, so that you move in a more efficient way. That movement is also safer, reducing injury risk, aiding recovery and so much more.

Pilates is very safe, in fact it is often used within physiotherapy as part of a rehabilitation program. Because most Pilates exercises are performed in reclining or sitting positions, they can be accomplished by almost anyone, but even so, we do tailor our classes to suit, with difficulty adjusted from beginner to advanced, as appropriate.

In this way, our Pilates Classes give you the best work out for your situation today, and will adapt with you as you become more accomplished, ensuring that every lesson pushes you to the next level.

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Our classes are held at our private physiotherapy clinic overlooking the Dublin mountains, with easy parking for convenience, taken by an experienced SCOTTS Pilates instructor.

We limit groups to 8 to ensure every client gets the most from the experience, with each class lasting 60 minutes.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs or arrange your first lesson, and see how Resync and Pilates can help you build your fitness for the future.